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Nine Fruits Bilingual School is a non-profit organization that was established in 2002.

Our mission is to provide a loving and caring environment for children to have fun and enjoy learning Chinese. In the Chinese classes, we emphasize students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills everyday.

We understand that each student is different and unique with different backgrounds and cultures. For that reason, we extend our Academic Mandarin Chinese Program to Traditional Chinese (正體中文班), Simplified Chinese

(簡體中文班) and Chinese as a Foreign Language

(CFL/華語班) to fit each student's different need.

We love to be creative and have fun while we are teaching. Teachers adopt Chinese arts and crafts, science, Chinese cooking classes as well as Chinese poems and idioms to enhance the student's knowledge and to make it more enjoyable. 

The Nine Fruits Academic Mandarin Chinese Program is

a well-rounded, creative and effective way of teaching.

Most of all, our students will have fun and will learn to love the art of Chinese.

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